Building a Theme Cascade for downstream site building.

Session Category Site-Building Audience Intermediate

Come One, Come All! I built a theme system using taxonomy, configuration and preprocessors. Why you ask?! To create a Pantheon upstream site that has all the components needed for a content editor to start building a downstream site without the need for further development while getting all the brand colors you need. Using this system a second site was built and launched within 30 days of the first site.

This code walk thru is for Site Builders, Full Stack Developers and Themers. We will walk thru the configuration setup and thought process of the Taxonomy, Content Types and Components; stroll over the inspector to investigate the page, css variables and components; and finally we will  dive into the preprocesses and logic that tie it all together.

As you leave, I hope you will have gained the insight into why and how you could build a dynamic theme system and the inspiration to dream and build your own interconnecting ambitious system.

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