Diversity & Psychological Safety

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I've been working with code since MySpace, and playing with Drupal since 2008 ... This talk is about tech as a community.

I will be presenting the core ideas behind, within and around, Manifesting Empathy & ForWhiteMenOnly for the first time publicly.

Though this conversation will be open to, and intended for, all.

The goal is to provide alternative ways of looking at diversity while providing a safe space for exploration and conversation. We'll explore ways to process diverse experiences, and gain tools to optimize growing with them.

I was adopted by Scandinavian farm-raised Evangelical upper-middle class Minnesotans, as an infant. I graduated K-12 from the "#1 Traditional School in the State of Minnesota", or something like that; and I now work as a web developer for a research institute at the UofM. 

About 7 years ago I reconnected with my biological family; and by the time of this presentation, will hopefully have completed my degree in Economics, Statistics and Communications from the University of Minnesota.


0-5m: Introductions
5-25m: Presentation
25-40m: Conversation

Diversity cannot be taught, it can only be experienced. I am an experience, though have structured myself to be as educational and informative as possible in these conversations. So I am an experience that you will walk away from, not just with memories, but with tools for better-navigating an ever-diversifying world.

Vamo puesh, si o no?

Canin Carlos | DreamFreely


About the Speaker

Canin Carlos

Founder / Lead Researcher / Developer at DreamFreely

Boyaca, Colombia

The most hated white male in Minnesota; which is a curious statement, made more so when you see a picture of me. 

Though alas, I was labelled as "white" by the correctional institution of Hennepin County, and so ... it's a great point from which to begin conversations. 

I've been building web-pages since MySpace, ("Thanks Tom!") ... (I feel like if you were friends with Tom too, we should be friends, at this point.)  

It's just taken me this long to get stably employed ... sometimes I wonder why that is, and other times I formally structure what I've been wondering, and attempt to write it down. 

I still build web pages, and applications; and work on a team to help maintain a few web-applications. It's fun, and I'm thankful; I like to try to use the ability/opportunity to create tools to help others too, which I formally do as DreamFreely. 

There is a light around and within the questions for me, how to help others in the best way possible ..? 

I guess, I studied economics, statistics and communication, to fortify my chosen approach in this life.

Also make music, and have enough side-projects to shake a stick at ... gettin' old too, so in the market for a good stick -- jaja!

Anywho, here we go !