The Dramatic and Poetical Tale of the Website Hierarchy of Needs

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What happens when the web team drifts apart?
What happens when they lose sight of shared goals?
Everyone optimizes their own chart.
Each role maximizes their own controls.

Hear the story of a new stakeholder
Who asks for a seemingly simple tweak
And is answered by a chain of scolders,
Each too siloed to find what they all seek.

This session will examine dynamics
Present in nearly all web teams trying
To balance many different metrics
Without clear guidance. And without crying.

Before you get lost in the WebOps weeds,
Navigate the hierarchy of needs.

About the Speaker

Steve Persch

Director, Developer Relations at Pantheon


Steve is a developer with 18 years of experience building WordPress and Drupal sites. While interning at a theatre company in college, Steve overheard the artistic director say they needed a blog and an online magazine. Steve volunteered to build the sites and WordPress 2.0.4 got the job done. His path was changed and he's been making websites ever since.

As a freelance and agency developer, built sites for a range of clients including The Joffrey Ballet, Foreign Affairs, Marketplace, Public Radio International, and many higher education institutions. You can find patches from Steve all over Drupal core and contributed modules.