How Your Website Handles Secure Data

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Every day, visitors send and receive data from your web site. We know it is secure if the web developers are using industry standard practices, but how does it work?

On modern websites, pretty much every bit of communication between a visitor and each website is encrypted for the security of the site owners and visitors. And when you use a password to log in to a Drupal site, the site doesn’t know your password; they only store an encrypted version of the password. In this session, we will explain in not-too-technical language how these technologies work. We will also talk about other things Drupal does to provide security like salting hashes, login form limiting, etc.

After this session, you will understand the basics of how data on websites is secured and why it is smart to use standard practices for best security. We will also talk about resources for improving security further on your site, if desired.

About the Speaker

Dan Ficker

Staff Customer Success Engineer at Pantheon

St. Paul, MN

For nearly two decades, Dan Ficker has been using Drupal for work and fun. Over those years, he has built and managed podcasts, music review websites, e-commerce stores, churche websites, and much more. In the last few years, he provides technical support for customers of the Pantheon hosting and developer tools platform and enjoys helping customers solve their issues with Drupal and WordPress.