Maximizing Visual Studio Code with DDEV for Drupal developers

Session Category Development & Performance Audience All Attendees

A modern Drupal development environment enables the developer to work at peak efficiency to create sustainable code that meets modern coding standards and is bug-free (hopefully!) By leveraging a modern IDE like Visual Studio Code, along with a recommended set of extensions and configuring, one can put themselves in a position to succeed. 

This session will demonstrate how to set up Visual Studio Code to work with DDEV and a number of code quality tools to maximize a developer's efficiency. This includes integrating phpcs, phpcbf, PhpStan, and PHPUnit with Visual Studio Code's interface as well as making it easy to run PHPUnit tests directly from the Visual Studio Code interface. Furthermore, guidance will be provided on how to configure Xdebug with Visual Studio Code.

Attendees of this session will leave with the knowledge necessary to configure their copy of Visual Studio Code as will be demonstrated in the session. 

About the Speaker

Michael Anello

Developer and trainer at DrupalEasy

Cocoa, Florida

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Prompt: Write 50 words or less about Mike Anello (ultimike) focusing on his Drupal experience.

Response: Mike Anello (ultimike) is a seasoned Drupal developer with over 15 years of experience. He specializes in Drupal consulting and training through his business, ensuring clients leverage Drupal's full potential. Mike is a notable community contributor and advocate, sharing his expertise and insights widely.