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Maximizing Project Success: High-Value Partnerships

Session Category Project Management & Consulting Audience Intermediate Speaker(s) Norah Medlin

The contract is signed, the project team is defined, and goals are set. So you’re probably thinking, let’s kick the project off. Although it’s exciting to jump in and make progress on a new project, there’s a lot to think about before getting started.

Successful projects are a result of great partnerships, and it’s important to establish a strong project team and be on the same page from the start. In this session, we’ll cover the importance of:

  • Business and client team building
  • Encouraging Trust through transparency and delivery
  • Empowering decision-makers with a discovery-first approach
  • Performing phased projects to deliver success when dealing with high-risk and uncertainty


In the tech agency space, agencies may perform poorly because they act as a "middle man" instead of a "facilitator". Whether you’re an agency or work with one, join us to learn the best practices for successful project management and a successful agency partnership.

Learning objectives

At the end of this session, attendees will be able to host valuable and transparent team-building activities with their partner businesses and produce successful projects.

Content focus area

Leadership, Management & Business

Target audience

This session is for project teams (both at an agency and within an organization) who are interested in effectively managing projects from the start.


Attendees will get the most out of this session by being familiar with business-client relationships.

The Dramatic and Poetical Tale of the Website Hierarchy of Needs

Session Category Beginner Track Audience All Attendees Speaker(s) Steve Persch

What happens when the web team drifts apart?
What happens when they lose sight of shared goals?
Everyone optimizes their own chart.
Each role maximizes their own controls.

Hear the story of a new stakeholder
Who asks for a seemingly simple tweak
And is answered by a chain of scolders,
Each too siloed to find what they all seek.

This session will examine dynamics
Present in nearly all web teams trying
To balance many different metrics
Without clear guidance. And without crying.

Before you get lost in the WebOps weeds,
Navigate the hierarchy of needs.

How Your Website Handles Secure Data

Session Category Development & Performance Audience All Attendees Speaker(s) Dan Ficker

Every day, visitors send and receive data from your web site. We know it is secure if the web developers are using industry standard practices, but how does it work?

On modern websites, pretty much every bit of communication between a visitor and each website is encrypted for the security of the site owners and visitors. And when you use a password to log in to a Drupal site, the site doesn’t know your password; they only store an encrypted version of the password. In this session, we will explain in not-too-technical language how these technologies work. We will also talk about other things Drupal does to provide security like salting hashes, login form limiting, etc.

After this session, you will understand the basics of how data on websites is secured and why it is smart to use standard practices for best security. We will also talk about resources for improving security further on your site, if desired.

Maximizing Visual Studio Code with DDEV for Drupal developers

Session Category Development & Performance Audience All Attendees Speaker(s) Michael Anello

A modern Drupal development environment enables the developer to work at peak efficiency to create sustainable code that meets modern coding standards and is bug-free (hopefully!) By leveraging a modern IDE like Visual Studio Code, along with a recommended set of extensions and configuring, one can put themselves in a position to succeed. 

This session will demonstrate how to set up Visual Studio Code to work with DDEV and a number of code quality tools to maximize a developer's efficiency. This includes integrating phpcs, phpcbf, PhpStan, and PHPUnit with Visual Studio Code's interface as well as making it easy to run PHPUnit tests directly from the Visual Studio Code interface. Furthermore, guidance will be provided on how to configure Xdebug with Visual Studio Code.

Attendees of this session will leave with the knowledge necessary to configure their copy of Visual Studio Code as will be demonstrated in the session. 

Diversity & Psychological Safety

Session Category Development & Performance Audience All Attendees Speaker(s) Canin Carlos

I've been working with code since MySpace, and playing with Drupal since 2008 ... This talk is about tech as a community.

I will be presenting the core ideas behind, within and around, Manifesting Empathy & ForWhiteMenOnly for the first time publicly.

Though this conversation will be open to, and intended for, all.

The goal is to provide alternative ways of looking at diversity while providing a safe space for exploration and conversation. We'll explore ways to process diverse experiences, and gain tools to optimize growing with them.

I was adopted by Scandinavian farm-raised Evangelical upper-middle class Minnesotans, as an infant. I graduated K-12 from the "#1 Traditional School in the State of Minnesota", or something like that; and I now work as a web developer for a research institute at the UofM. 

About 7 years ago I reconnected with my biological family; and by the time of this presentation, will hopefully have completed my degree in Economics, Statistics and Communications from the University of Minnesota.


0-5m: Introductions
5-25m: Presentation
25-40m: Conversation

Diversity cannot be taught, it can only be experienced. I am an experience, though have structured myself to be as educational and informative as possible in these conversations. So I am an experience that you will walk away from, not just with memories, but with tools for better-navigating an ever-diversifying world.

Vamo puesh, si o no?

Canin Carlos | DreamFreely


Building a Theme Cascade for downstream site building.

Session Category Site-Building Audience Intermediate Speaker(s) Oz Heller

Come One, Come All! I built a theme system using taxonomy, configuration and preprocessors. Why you ask?! To create a Pantheon upstream site that has all the components needed for a content editor to start building a downstream site without the need for further development while getting all the brand colors you need. Using this system a second site was built and launched within 30 days of the first site.

This code walk thru is for Site Builders, Full Stack Developers and Themers. We will walk thru the configuration setup and thought process of the Taxonomy, Content Types and Components; stroll over the inspector to investigate the page, css variables and components; and finally we will  dive into the preprocesses and logic that tie it all together.

As you leave, I hope you will have gained the insight into why and how you could build a dynamic theme system and the inspiration to dream and build your own interconnecting ambitious system.

Why I Talk To Myself and How It Made Me a Better Developer

Session Category Sessions off the "Drupal Island" Audience All Attendees Speaker(s) JD Flynn

A year ago I decided to start live streaming development as a way to motivate myself to learn new things.  Today, I stream almost every day, I've built a full stack application using TypeScript, I've learned game development, and I've done things with websockets and game engines that probably shouldn't be done.

It all started by talking to myself in front of a camera and pressing "Start stream".

In this session, we'll talk about how using live streaming became the ultimate rubber duck for me, and how it motivated me to learn and try new things, build a community, and expand my network around the globe.  We'll also cover what tools are available, how to set up a stream, and some tips and tricks I've picked up in the past year of streaming things that aren't me playing online games.

If you're interested in learning more, don't forget to click that "Follow"... I mean "Register" button and attend this session.

Don't Put It All on the Homepage

Session Category Theming, Design, & Usability Audience Beginner Speaker(s) Dan Moriarty

So many websites suffer from content bloat, especially the all-important homepage, as they try to meet all the needs of a wide-ranging audience (including internal staff and leadership). 

Multiple call-to-action sections, image sliders, department news, upcoming events, workshops, registrations, mission statements, and navigation menus that stretch on and on. It’s all too much! 

Let’s put the focus back where it belongs – on your users. What do they need most? What actions and pathways do you want them to take? How can we simplify the navigation and make a better user experience? 

We’ll move through the stages of resolution, from identifying when there is a problem to the joys of finding solutions. Using real case-studies from past projects, we’ll talk about strategies for taming the homepage, and applying the same lessons to your site navigation and other landing pages.